For Suppliers

Supplier Managed Data is a centralized clearinghouse for product information.

A simple yet powerful toolset makes it easy to maintain and share product information and images that drive sales. Robust real time reporting provides valuable insight to your constantly changing marketplace

Machine learning technology simplifies the task of categorizing and validating information.

Direct integration with retailer systems streamlines direct ship orders and eliminates labor intensive order entry challenges. This new opportunity to market your products directly to retailers at the time of replenishment increases sales at low cost with a measurable return on investment.

Supplier Managed Data dramatically boosts sales at a vastly reduced cost.

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For Wholesalers & Co-ops

Supplier Managed Data is the solution to your direct ship challenge.

Gathering ever changing product information for all items sold by your suppliers is impractical. Supplier Managed Data's centralized product database and branded replenishment tools for your retailers facilitates the direct ship order process.

Your capacity to centralize the financial aspects of direct ship orders greatly reduces the accounting nightmare for your supplier and retailer while keeping you in the driver's seat.

Flexible reporting solutions enables your staff to make informed decisions about stocking product in your distribution systems and increasing profitability.

Supplier Managed Data gives you a win-win for managing your supplier and retailer supply chains.

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For Retailers

Get all the products you need at the right price without all the hassle.

Your wholesaler saves you a lot of time and money stocking your shelves with the products your customers demand. Unfortunately, they cannot stock everything you need and the task of purchasing the right products directly from suppliers is a major, costly headache

Supplier Managed Data's modern online and mobile replenishment tools gives you one-stop shopping for products from your wholesaler and direct ship vendors. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds by using one easy to use system to place orders with full reporting and reconciliation. Gone are the days of frustrating searches for products and time consuming phones call to place orders and clear up invoice issues.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money to maintain the product information you need to drive your eCommerce sales - Supplier Managed Data solves that problem at not cost to you.

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